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Quick release full body armor

Quick-disassembly full body armor overall use of waterproof anti-UV 600D wear-resistant nylon fabric, tensile nylon sewing thread, the inner layer of the body surface for durable three-dimensional breathable ventilation mesh, increasing breathability, protection parts with removable neck guard, shoulder guard, crotch guard, greatly increasing the whole body core parts protection area, shoulder / waist adjustment system to meet different body types, waist adjustable range 90-120cm. MOLLE system design, convenient for combatants according to the task needs of their own flexible combination of wearing a variety of loading kit.

Product parameters:

1. Panel material:layers of PEUD  or aramid UD   

2. Protection area:≥0.45㎡

3. Bulletproof level: NIJ0101.06 IIIA , can be equipped with 250*300mm bulletproof plate to increase protection level NIJIII-NIJIV.

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